Inspire, enhance, create... the environment around you.

In the hands of an expert, indoor plants can form a key element of your interior design. They can enhance the unique identity of any business and create a welcoming environment for staff, clients and visitors alike.

Not only do office plants improve the aesthetics and ambience of your building, but they will also enrich the air quality in the building. Plants release oxygen into the atmosphere which can help to keep your premises feeling fresh and clean, and can even increase the productivity levels of your staff.  We work with businesses of all sizes to provide carefully planned schemes of indoor plants in Bristol and the surrounding areas.

Here at Plant Care we offer a genuine 'end to end' service with our interior plants, from the initial concept right through to a stunning completed project. Even as few as 2 or 3 displays can have huge advantages, so regardless of the amount of space that you have available, we can tailor a scheme to suit your size and shape.

We offer a number of options including outright purchase and rental of your office plants. By renting plants you will have the flexibility to change your displays on a regular basis, and this package also includes our maintenance service so you can rest assured that your office plants will be healthy, vibrant, clean and fresh. 

Containers complement and enhance the harmony between interior plants and the surrounding décor, which is why Plant Care offers an extensive range of planters of all shapes, sizes, colours, materials and finishes to ensure that we can offer you the perfect product to complete your desired effect.

Your inspired, improved environment is only a phone call away...