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Bristol & Cardiff

We offer a number of options available including outright purchase and rental of your office plants in Bristol, Cardiff and the surrounding areas. By renting your plants you will have the flexibility to change your displays on a regular basis, and this package also includes our maintenance service so you can rest assured that your office plants will be healthy, vibrant, clean and fresh – just as the day they were installed.

Containers complement and enhance the harmony between interior plants and the surrounding décor, which is why Plant Care offers an extensive range of planters of all shapes, sizes, colours, materials and finishes to ensure that we can offer you the perfect product to complete your desired effect.

Apart from looking great, plants improve air quality by producing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide. Add to this their dehumidifying properties and their proven ability to reduce the negative effects of air conditioning, and you can see how the addition of a few desk plants can result in a happier, more motivated workforce.

Plants for Commercial Premises

Our in-house florists specialise in providing corporate flower displays for a wide range of sectors including hotels, offices, leisure centres and shopping centres. Office flowers have a significant effect on visitor reaction and staff performance, as well as enhancing your environment.

Our bespoke floral displays can be used to create an explosion of colour or softening, natural hues with warmth and character. We will work closely with you to get to know your specific requirements and ensure that we create an arrangement to satisfy your needs.

With a wide range of styles including large displays for reception areas and one-off arrangements for special events, we can offer a fantastic choice of office flowers in Bristol, Cardiff and beyond so call us today to find out more.

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